How many 200t's are there on here with remaps? If so, what one did you go for and how do you find it?

I'd be interested to read people's opinions and recommendations.


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Indeed womble had his done at rs tuning, something like 235 bhp and 270lbft or something like that...
From my research RS Tuning in Leeds seems to be the place to go. Womble has first hand experience, he is knowledgeable on the subject. It's where I intend to go.
It's a damn shame it's a 10 hour round trip to RS Tuning for me :worried:. Womble had his done a while ago didn't he? I assume the gearbox is doing OK? ?
How does 244bhp and 280 ftlb sound, no gearbox limits exceeded no lights, fast as f@@k and 36 mpg, car has now covered over 10,000 miles on the RS Tuning map. It maybe a journey for some, but when nobody else has a reliable map that does not put lights on or burn fuel, it is not that far to travel. In fact the biggest seller of Renaultsport tuning parts have not even been able to release a map yet. Paul @RS Tuning has worked his magic on the new Clio, not by guess work but by reliable results. Car is a different animal now and we should see perhaps 250 bhp next year, when the new intercooler is ready.

Current spec is RS Tuning map, Airtec intercooler on 50mm pipe work, turbo cooler, Inox secondary cat delete and ITG Maxogen filter.

237bhp and 270 ftlb is possible in stock form, with the RS Tuning map, the Superchips map puts the gearbox light on and only does about 215 bhp. Been there got the tee shirt.

Current map before and after ITG Maxogen.


Superchips map and first RS Tuning Map

My wifes black car has been mapped to 235 by rstuning, its very quick holds in the gears longer and the exhaust makes some lovely noises in sport mode, downside it spins the front tyres in the cold and wet, which once turned a orange light on check injection system, after some time connected to my friend James computer we decided the remap is not telling the lsd or traction control to expect more wheelspin and causes a fault. My wife drives it to and from work most days and its been fine only changed the oil and filter since weve had it. If i lived nearer to rstuning i would have my white car mapped just for the fun you can have on the motorways but i may px it for a throphy instead. Personally i think its a great car in oe spec and dont need fiddling with. I drive my car in auto and hardly ever use sport mode the remap is good but does cause conflicts with the ecu whats the point in more bhp if your just not going any faster.
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It spins the wheels in the cold and wet, don't press the pedal down so hard, you feed the power in not stomp on the throttle. Even yesterday in the horrendous weather we are having the traction light barely flickers on in my car, my Dunlops have 14000 miles on so are practically finished, I find the electronic diff works really well.

I hope you have spoken with Paul over this as this can be fixed.

Otherwise is your wife enjoying the map?

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Womble I'd be interested in seeing your plans for the turbo cooler if you don't mind!. Mine isn't mapped at the minute but this is where I keep seeing people having issues is heat dissapation. I already run de-cat milltek and Airtec intercooler. Planning on going to RS tuning in the new year.
Seems to really pull well even in Normal auto mode, good safe driving too! I bet the torque can trouble the tyres in the wet though!