Rear 197 poss 200 Brake Caliper Carriers are the same LH - RH


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For cosmetic reasons and the price they were selling at I bought the rear brake calliper carriers as I was refitting new genuine rear discs and possibly new calipers as well and since they are next to each other I just wanted everything to look new. Anyway the part numbers for the left and right side are different so I bought them(7701069128 passenger rear and 77701069129 drivers side rear). Now that I have them new and clean I have come to the conclusion that they are the same the difference being the slide pins and which hole they are located. One pin has a flat edge along the length and the other pin has diameter steps along its length and wobbles more when fitted, and the stepped pin gets fitted in the hole towards the front of the car. The castings have the same numbers and side by side are the same size and symmetrical.

So sad and all as this is if it saves someone money buying replacements as the pins seize and bolts sheer off in the pins basically to can buy either side this thought came to me when I took both off before to clean-up and repaint grey I could not work out which side was which and slide pins could have been replaced before I got the car now have the new parts I can confirm what I suspected rip off Renault.
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