Radiator Mounting Cross Member Part No. 2009 197 Cup


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Hi, I recently bought a new radiator mounting cross member...

... cuz the original one was rusted to bits. I got it from a Renault parts dealer on eBay. When it arrived I compared it with the original one I removed and it was identical apart from one small detail. The bracket that sticks out the front that the radiator mounts onto was is the wrong place.


The black peg on the left is supposed to go through the rubber bush circled on the right and the small bracket is supposed to be in the correct position to line up with that peg. At the moment, I've got the rubber bush in the bracket and the bottom of the radiator is just resting on it.

I got in touch with the supplier and they reckon that this fits all Clio MK3s from 2005-2012, all models. They wanted me to provide them with a part number, which I don't have.

Does anyone know what the part number is or how I can find it out? I'm worried about leaving it like this as I don't want to constant vibration to wear through the thing aluminium of the radiator over time.

Here's a side by side comparison of the original and the one I bought...


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Oh, well, literally found the information I was after about 5 minutes after posting this. Part number is 8200803451 and the radiator bracket is in a different location on the 197 compared to other models. Proper part is about £170 vs the £75 I paid for this.


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Thanks for posting this though. Got my synchros done by Supreme Motorsport on Monday and he said everything on the car seems good except also my radiator support is rusted so I’ll be looking for one soon and I was struggling to find the right one for the 200!


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I'm not sure about the 200, but you can easily buy the cheaper version and remove the bracket from the original (just drill out the spot welds) and then re-weld the original bracket to the cheap ~£75 version that fits most mk3s. If you don't have a welder you could just bolt the old bracket to a new cross member.


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IMO it's false economy buying a new one. Your best bet is to buy a used one in decent condition and spend the extra cash on getting it powder coated. I've got my old one in the shed (less than a year old) and it is already falling apart.


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Buy a new one and paint it properly and that should be it, £75 sounds like a good starting point but I wonder if you buy a genuine one and it does not last a reasonable time I would go after Renault for goods not fit for purpose. Frankly Renault get away with too much melting steering wheels, rotting crossmembers, TL4 gearbox design flaws what they do is and I have seen the original spare parts pricing is double the price of the part then offer to pay up to half towards replacement. I think the book price of the cross member is around £150 at the moment genuine.