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Powerflex have today released the long awaited range of bushes for the Clio 197 & 200 models

Working with Monster Sport Europe, the company behind the technical development of the Michelin Clio Cup Road Series, a range of bushes have been developed with and without on-car adjustment for both road and race versions of the Clio 3 Sport 197 and 200.

For the front suspension PFF60-801G front arm front bush offers on-car camber adjustment with a range of 1.5 degrees. This enables the camber angles to be trimmed to suit driver requirements and to resolve alignment issues.

Front arm rear bush PFF60-802G adds some anti lift properties aiding traction along with 6 degrees of caster to help turn in.

PFF60-801 and PFF60-802 are non adjustable versions of the above offering positive steering and sharper handling without the adjustment.

For the rear PFR60-810 rear beam mounting bush allows a controlled amount of rear steer while stabilising the operation of the rear beam.

To control the engine movement we have 3 engine mounting products, PFF60-820 lower engine mounting insert, PFF60-821 upper engine mount insert and a bush PFF60-822 which fits the upper engine mount torque mount. These offer control of the engine movement allowing for better power delivery and traction, whilst reducing the stress on the exhaust, wiring and coolant pipe work.

All these items are now available from us for immediate delivery.

You can find more information including pictures, prices and fitting guides on our website: http://www.cazanracing.co.uk/bushes-5080-c.asp

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[MENTION=1272]Fernandez[/MENTION] any prices yet?

Edit: ignore me just noticed the link to your site.
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Any tips on which ones to pair with KW Clubsport?

It's confusing me which ones to get (the ones with/without camber).

Just so I'm sure, the pics on your website? Do they show what comes in each listing eg 2 anti roll bar bushes for £17.30 or would I have to order two @ £34.60. It only lists quantity per car. Maybe I'm being thick but I've never actually purchased bushes just let a garage sort them out and fit them haha [MENTION=1272]Fernandez[/MENTION]


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The pictures show the quanity for each car.

I'll put together some packages with some attractive prices

Updated the website so that the correct quantities are ordered with one purchase
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