*POTM* April - Easter/Nature

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Hi Everyone :smile:

We had a great number of entries last month! I'm really please that the POTM seems to be growing in popularity and we're also starting to build up some regular entrants while still getting new people each month. - Perfect :smile:

This Months theme will be: Easter/Nature.

I've opened up the a discussion thread (in this section) to discuss future themes, and the first few recommendations were for an 'Easter' theme, so I thought I would expand on that a little (mostly just to stop me getting 20 pictures of Clios with an easter egg on the roof in my inbox). But hopefully the two themes complement each other and maybe people can have one, or both themes represented in their entries. :smile:

As ever the photo must have been taken by YOU between 00:00 29th March 2014 and midnight on 25th April 2014.

Photos should be emailed to 'Rob.andrew.owen@gmail.com' and must be received by midnight on the
25th April, I will post up the pictures in this thread ahead of the voting. The email must be headed POTM April 2013 - (forum username) e.g. POTM April 2014 - Robo_#1, if its not headed this way it will be considered to be spam and treated as such.

Don't forget to read this thread before entering the competition

Anyway good luck everyone and happy snapping!!

The POTM of the month for this month will be run in association with our site traders...


13842893544_67b4bbf00a_b.jpgimage (3) by Clio197.net, on Flickr

13873247854_84af538afb_b.jpgimage (5) by Clio197.net, on Flickr

13943284612_0c9451b82c_b.jpg2 by Clio197.net, on Flickr
13943262432_470a74db45_b.jpgEaster by Clio197.net, on Flickr

13966425403_9220da8baf_b.jpgGFW_1607 by Clio197.net, on Flickr

13943255212_aefa8dd0db_b.jpgMP by Clio197.net, on Flickr
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Loads more pictures in guys! Sorry for the delay in getting them up, hectic week at work!

Nice shots all round and a couple of days left to get them in if anyone else fancies a go!
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