Potential Attempted Break In - 200


The plastic 'bung' (on the drivers side door) that occupies the area that there is a key slot on the passenger side door was on the floor next to the car this morning, looks like someone has stuck a screwdriver in the hole it leaves and had a rummage around (no real damage other than a few tiny ****ty scratches in the door cavity.

1. Why didn't the alarm go off? (It goes off when someone farts next to it usually)

2. Is there anything in the door cavity that they could have got to that would end up with the door opening? The lock itself appears to be completely separate from the cavity itself so I guess that isn't a worry?

Alarm should only go off when the car has been shake/ hit hard enough or whoever is breaking in has actually break in. The sensor is located on the pillar at the back seats so if someone is in, it can sense it and alarm will go off.

Don't know about the lock thing. But I'm sure it is very hard to break into one using just a screwdriver, because locks these days are really good.

Plus even they managed to get in, the alarm will go off anyway.
Quick question. Why does the car sometimes beep when you double lock it and other times it doesn't? Sometimes it beeps for a while too.

Austin Powers

Isn't there a screw on the edge of the door that holds that in place.?