Passenger window stopped working??

As per title says I went to put my windows down today but the passenger side window didn't move, I reached over to check the passenger side switch and it still wouldn't work :thumbdown: . Checked the fuse and all is ok. Just thought somebody might came across this problem and could help before i take my car into Renault. The only things I can think of is a lose wire or maybe the motor has gone. Any help would be most appreciated.

Thanks, Andy.
Hi Carl. I hadn't tried that but I've just nipped out and unplugged the connector then refitted it but no joy!! The car locks and unlocks fine via keyless and my keycard.
Booked my car in last friday at my local Renault in Warrington to look at 2 faults, my passenger window not working and my drivers side handle lock button also not working.

Got quoted £319 for a new regulator to fix the window and £202 for a new handle to fix the lock button. Obviously i thought this was a bit expensive but it is the stealers after all!! Not sure whether to go ahead with the work but these faults are beginning to annoy me :worried:

Do these prices seem reasonable?

I would be tempted to get the parts either off ebay or from renault and do it myself!

Had a weird problem with my car and the passenger window only going up 3 inches at a time but it seemed to cure itself