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Optimiz Access are an RS specialist supplier in France. I purchased an item from them in March, and it was not sent. I emailed them (in French) and received a cursory and evasive response about a shipment problem. I followed up and received no response. I messaged them via Facebook (again in French) and received meaningless responses (in English). They obviously have no intention of supplying the part, but are happy to keep my money. Have any other members had issues with this supplier?

May this serve as a warning to others not to deal with them.

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I bought some fabric for my Renault 11 Turbo Restoration in January, and here we are in June and they've admitted defeat. Eventually i've had to get them to ship it to a friends house in Germany, then I will collect if from them when I travel there next month.

There seems to be a block for French retailers to ship goods to the UK following Brexit... The company I bought from shipped with DHL, and even they couldn't figure it out.

Just takes a bit of effort on their side to figure it out... but you know the French...
It's now August. Still nothing. I received an email in June saying " a new item has been shipped today". I asked for a tracking number but received no reply. I messaged the owner who said (amongst other things) "we are not thieves". I beg to differ.