Noisy pulley after track day

Evening guys

Had a great day at snetterton yesterday. When I got home I noticed a noise coming from around the cam belt area. Sounds like a pulley, is this dephaser pulley? Should I do the cam belt to fix it?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Dephasers don’t seems to be as big of an issue as they were in the mk2.
I’d take the side cover off and have a poke around first before ordering anything.
Neat trick that. I need a long screwdriver and a bottle

Can anyone recommend a knowledgeable garage on these cars around north London Enfield to go to for this? Or Hertfordshire?

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Problem solved, alternator belt had jumped a tooth so was rubbing. Just popped it back on and all is well.

Still looking to get the belt done if anyone can suggest anywhere?

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