Newer style gearknob edc

Hi all. I have seen somewhere (can’t find it now!!) that someone has replaced the old style 200t gearknob with the newer style 220t one. You can get them quite cheap off captur‘s etc, But wondered how it fits or you remove the old gearknob.
thanks in advance.
For anyone looking at this for advice, it’s really simple. The newer (dsg shaped) gearknob fits well, either from a clio or a captur. You need the newer gaiter to match too, as the old gaiter you twist to fit it to the gearknob and the newer one clips straight up to the knob. The newer gearknob fits the same as the old one with a small metal retaining clip that you pull out, and reverse for fitting.
the only thing I’m looking at now is adding some red stitching to match the rest of the red stitching in the car.


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