Newbie looking for some roll cage advice...

Hi all

Hope everyone is well.

I'm a newbie here and recently purchased a Clio 197 for a bit of track fun and as a cheap fun daily driver.

I've owned a number of performance cars over the years (e36 m3, e46 m3, e90 m3, b7 rs4, c5 rs6, ml63, cls55 amg etc)... My circumstances recently changed so the budget was a lot lower this time round and I wanted a fun car. I also wanted to get back out on the track too... So here I am.. My first french car!

Yes, it's slow compared to my old cars, but I have to be honest, I'm really enjoying it; it handles great and loves to be revved and looks gorgeous too! It makes me smile whenever I drive it so I'm really happy with it.

So far the car has been lowered on H&R springs, had a custom exhaust fitted, changed the engine and gearbox oil (performance ester oils), typ200 brake fluid, braided lines and I have DS2500 pads on order to sharpen up the brakes.

I'm toying with the idea of a roll cage and wanted to know if it was possible to get a half cage and keep the rear seats in use?

I have to admit (the purists will want to lynch me) it's partly because they look so good

Is the handling noticeably improved with a roll cage and can they be fitted with the rear seats still in place and being used if needed (very unlikely as I drive it alone 99% of the time)?

Any advice would be great


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Seats need to come out unfortunately.

I guess you could leave them fitted and cut holes where the legs extend out to, but you’d never actually be able to use the seats.
Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure where (can't find it now grrrr!) but i'm certain I read on a forum somewhere that a chap had fitted a cage and had 2 passengers in it too!

How big is the improvement in handling with a cage?


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I didn’t feel a change whatsoever for my bolt in half cage.
I had a multi point weld in cage in my old car, and the difference was very noticeable.
There is only one version of cage that I know of that allows to keep the backseats in place. It's the "Clubsport" version from Wiechers.

It would look something like this (the car in the photo is a 3er BMW).

This cage is not really suited for motorsport use as it isn't welded in or bolted through the chassis. It's using mounting points of the front- and backseats instead. You can see how it looks (without rear seats) in the thread about my car (link in the signature).

Depending on the chosen configuratin you'd presumably be able to somehow squeez two passengers in the back if they're flexible enough but at least over here this wouldn't be legal.


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I have a lot of experience with rollcages also with MOT/FIA compliance.
Talk to the official MOT office and ask them about the regulation in your country. No good if you need to take it out every MOT !
Get at least a 6 point rollcage otherwise it is just for looks, seen many crashed cars with 4 point cages or some cheap cage from Ebay with horrible results.
Get good padding to prevent your head banging into the pipes and get some yoga lessons to squeeze yourself in the car :smile:
Do not take the car to go for shopping , nothing will fit anymore :smile:
Thanks for the input guys... I'm going to park this idea for now...

5th has started to crunch lol and a ticking sound when in gear.

Best place for a full gearbox rebuild guys?