Newbie Clio F1 R27 34/500

Morning all.

Please to be here with 34/500 in black. Bought it 3 wee ks ago when wife went to Dublin for weekend with girls.

Bit of a track day freak, Had Westfields an Bike Engined Kit cars and decided to go for one of these after following one of these round a track and thinking that seems a lot easier and was impressed with handling.

Had it now 3/4 weeks and tracked it at Cadwell twice...

One word..... Awesome. Best thing was I drove it there and drove it back while other buddies trailering there cars there etc.

1st time with OEM tyres... 2.02s average.

2nd Time stuck some RSR Federals on it at 84.00 a corner. 1.55s.

Only mods currently are K+N Panel filter silencer removal (purely for noise I think) and Federal RSR as mentioned above.

ready for this..... Where do we go from here??

Zost and Remap are definitely on Shopping list. Everything else seems good enough..

What say U? Bare in mind it will be tracked regularly and I am not that much of a tecchie so need all you experienece to creat a track masterpiece.

I'll stop waffling now........

And yes I will get round to become a paid member!!!!1
Your not kidding. made some very expensive high end stuff look very mediocre.
Must have done 60 laps++ on the day.
Still buzzin from it....