New Purchase! Clio 182 Trophy No. 425


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Hi all, today I purchased a Clio 182 Trophy! I was driving a 2015 1.2 Clio (the one next to the trophy) and also part own a Mk 3 Clio 200 with my dad @burrellbloke.
I decided I wanted a something a bit more interesting for my daily driver and had been looking at 182s/172s for a while and managed to find this trophy, I figured as the trophy had been so highly rated and was 1 of 500 it could end up being a good investment in a few years time! So we drove up to Nottingham today and picked it up. I haven't had much of a chance for a proper drive yet but from what I've experienced so far it's great, It feels almost as powerful if not just as powerful as the 200 and seems great in the corners as well!

Currently it has two or three spots where there is lacquer peeling, the worst being on the rear left panel where it's quite significant. the bonnet has a few spots where it is starting to blister and the front bumper has a good few stone chips. all 4 of the wheels could use a refurb and the front splitter needs replacing. Also, I'm getting no signal from the radio which probably has something to do with the tiny stubby aerial that's been installed. there is also a slight knock coming from the back left of the car which I'm not sure about, I'll be booking in the car for a health check with a Renault specialist soon. other than that the car seems mechanically very good, all belts and water pump have been done recently so It seems like I don't have too much to worry about soon.

It has 114,000 miles so I'm not surprised the car isn't in perfect condition but overall I'm very happy with it.

I'm not planning for many mods on this but I do want to keep it in decent nick and keep it running nicely.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good trustworthy paint shop in the Essex area who could sort out the paint issues I've got?




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If the knock is suspension related then get ready for a big bill replacing the dampers on these cars. If you can find new ones.


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The suspension has been refurbed relatively recently so fingers crossed its not that! But yeah will have to get the wallet out if it is.