New member first time cup owner - 200

First time cup owner. Got a few issues to sort out on it and bring it back up to standard.

didn’t know forums still existed Thought it was all Facebook groups these days .

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Thank you

What are your plans for the car?
The plan for the car so far is.

get everything back to standard and working condition - drives side window doesn’t work just clicks - interior lights don’t work - Door shut lights - wiper linkage seized, slow wipers.

also the paint work hasn’t been very well cared for by previous owners. Covered in scratches and swirls so when it’s abit cooler it will be a couple of days worth of full detailing.

I have the dreaded synchro issue to. Mainly 4th gear but I will try get booked it the ktec possibly to get that sorted.
Other than what I have listed it’s getting some decent tires on it (maybe wheels not keen on these) and rear anti roll bar just improving on the already great fun little car