New 200 owner

Hi all,

Picked up a new to me RS 200 on Sunday.

Really happy with the car so far - FF Clio with cup pack, pretty much standard just braided lines, uprated pads and brake fluid.
I'm using as a daily come track car so will be kept pretty close to standard (probably).

The wheel is peeling so have contacted Royals and will be replaced with an Alcantara wheel.

I'm also on Michelin PS4's at the moment so slightly oversized - anybody have an insight on if this is the reason the car loves to follow a camber? It is supposed to have had a full alignment done but any recommendations for a good geo setup around Kent / south east would be very much appreciated!



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If the PS4s are 215/45/R17 then they are the right size. Sometimes people will buy 225 instead as they seem to be slightly cheaper.

If the car is following the camber in the road then I would get someone to check the alignment and have a look underneath and see if there is any play in places like the ball joints and the track rods ends.
They are 225's on it at the moment. Ball joints and track rods have been done very recently so I'd guess alignment unless people have had particularly bad experiences on the 225's?
Find a Tyre Dealer near you with Hunter 4 wheel Laser Alignment well worth the £40 critical to have it done after any front end suspension work especially track rod ends.

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