Mk3 197 / 200 PDFs (Workshop Manual)

I have here the full genuine OE Renault workshop manual for the Mk3 197/200
It covers alot as there is 7,991 pages in the manual.

I also have a pile load of 1*2 PDFs including workshop manuals.

If anyone is looking for anything drop me a PM with your name and e-mail address, These are all stored on Google Drive.

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Hi Marc, Im kind of new to posting on the forum, but Id be interested in the MK3 Clio Cup.pdf if you are interested in sharing?
Hi Marc.
Greatings from Australia.
I have a 2006 Clio 3 197. I would really appreciate anything workshop manuals you have for this car. It's the one thing that's frustrated me about owning the clio because they are not that common over here. Love driving it though. Thanks in advance.