Misfire/ Hesitation Under Acceleration

Hi All

I took my 200 out the other day after it had been sat on the drive for 4 weeks or so.
It all started fine but when I got to the main road and went to speed up it felt like it
had a misfire/ wouldnt come onto cam.

I tried again and it seems to only happen at above half throttle or above 3000 RPM.
So when accelerating up to 60/ 70. The service light is on at the mo so I didnt know
if it was a "special" safe mode prior to a service etc.

Any thoughts on fixes or theories are very welcome.

Ive already had the solenoid & MAP sensor out for a clean and will be trying the cam & crank sensor later today.

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Is the map sensor a tight fit into the manifold? I've put a thinner o ring on mine at the very top and put 2 cable ties round very tight and it made the car run much better. Also I'd try cleaning the crank sensor too before you investigate further as it only takes 2 mins