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amg.jpg clio.jpg emma-stone-selfie__oPt.jpg nissan.jpg P_20160925_164544_1_p.jpg rover.jpg scarlett-johansson.jpg Johny Deep.jpg This week's Member of the Moment is none other than the recently track-addicted, witch loving staffer, @Pav !! Take it away Pavster...

Describe yourself in 3 words: PAV = Pretty Awesome Vehicle-technician
(see post 916 :thumb:)

Current car: the Witch


First car: Rover 200 shhhh!!


Why you love When I bought my car over 3 years ago I literally had no clue about cars.This site helped me to understand what was going on in my engine bay :think:
Great people and good fun 24 hours a day


Food: Apart from lentils and peas I'll eat anything. Gotta be meat on the plate though!
Drink: Alcoholic :drunk:
Holiday destination: Not really traveled the world as such but if I could - New Zealand
Film: Be Cool, V for Vendetta & Brave (gotta love ginger hair and Scottish accent)
Film star: Will Smith
Sport: Football, tennis, skiing, motorsport..
Hobby: The Witch, RC cars & and being a big flirt anywhere really..
Pornstar: Can't find the list so for now most of them lovely ladies:hearteyes:
TV show: The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Game of Thrones..
TV presenter/personality: Peter Kay - cracks me up this guy
Song: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dark Necessities
Band: Don't have one
Computer game: Any FPS will do
Website (other than Youtube and any site with ladies with no clothes on :thumb:

Dream 3 car garage:


Fantasy Partner to:


Have a one night stand with: just one??hmmm decisions are killing me..


Celebrity I'd most like to punch: Don't like violence so pass..

One thing I am excellent at: Working with kids
One thing I am terrible at: Remembering birthdays
Proudest moment: Coming to the UK when I was 20 years old and every day after that
Most embarrassing moment: Think I have been pretty lucky really regarding this..Maybe not long ago I was having my lunch in the staffroom with a few female work mates,and I noticed a grey hair in my 20 year old mate's hair..Obviously I decided to pull it out..big mistake..She burst into tears and I went bloody red..I thought I had learnt to deal with women after so many years of working with them,but there's always something new round the corner..
Pet hate: Door slamming!!!!!

Favourite chat up line: That dress would look great on my bedroom floor!

Favourite joke:
Johny Deep.jpg

Question from @Beany-08gt : If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

I would be a snake.Cause when a snake is moving it's lying on it's belly..pretty cool if you ask me

Member who you would like to nominate next: @Gordini - Simon

Random question to ask that Member: If you were abducted by aliens and they did things to you,would you tell and why??

Thanks a lot to Pav for taking part, great work!! If there's booze or girls, he's all over it!

Next up is Gordini - Simon, you will have the questions in your inbox shortly!
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Well done Pav! Sadly can't see any of the images, dunno if it's Coz I'm on my phone ?!?


thanks guys..cant see the pics either @jimmyd81
fixed now hopefully..
ohh btw thanks for the lovely introduction Jimmy..
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