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Member of the Moment: Season 2

Cars/Site (Feel free to add pictures)

Current car:
Well my current car is the lovely Megane Trophy 275.
Unfourtnatly i dont have any photos of her sat on the brightly sprayed red wheels for bedford or on the H&R springs which ill be getting for her. But shes a stunner regardless.

35883870204_03290dbc8b_k.jpg20170618_202516 by james simpson, on Flickr

35965373916_c11ce259d0_k.jpg20170718_162307 (2) by james simpson, on Flickr

A few subtle mods here and there just to make sure will always look the finished article. NO-449

First car:
Well my first car was a renault clio 1.2 campus sport i music... YES really that was the full name!
It went down here from there as i thought it would be good to put some white racing stripes over it to imitate the clio 182! so please dont judge!


Dream car(s):
This is a difficult topic, Im a huge fan of the Lamborghini hurrcan 108418-b1a191b04011fc187994f26eb5867fdf.jpg

But after recent weeks this has popped up several times on myInstagram which i just can not ignore.


Who wouldn't want a car which is powered by the current f1 engine? jesus christ!
but to mix this up slightly this would be my choice of dream motorbike as im sure alot of you know im a keen motorbike rider.


How did you find
Back when before i even purchased a clio 200 rs i scoured the internet high and low for a forum where i could drool over everyones clios. Since then i havent left even tho i now own a megane! i cant see myself ever leave the renault sport community. The cars just doesn't seem to be a normal car. You could get in a brand new Honda civic and not feel the same connection or attitude the Renault sport heritage seem to add so well to all their cars.

What keeps you coming back to

Its got to be the friendly atmosphere with people who feel the exact same way i do about cars which is a joy to read.


Favourite Food:
This is a very hard topic but the first thing that come to mind was home made Lasagna!

Favourite Drink:
if health wasnt an issue it would be orange lucozade

Favourite place to eat out:
its got to be my local pub which seems to know how to cook a stonking steak.

Favourite holiday (where you've been or would like to go):
I think tenerife was my favorite, the water park there is sublime and the zoo too. I think the waterpark is number 1 in Europe and the zoo was number2 in the world? i might of got that completely wrong.


Step Brothers.

TV Show:
Blood line which is a netflix exclusive drama :smile:

This is a difficult question but i do love Leonardo DiCaprio but tom cruise seems to pull it out the bag for me.


Music is such a mixed bag for me. One day i could be listening to nickelback the next lushington and Wilkinson. big fan of old school dance music which has a modern twist. No dubstep allowed in my car.

Just a classic up to date dance track. Karen Harding - say something

I think of recent comedians its a toss up between Micky Flanagan or Greg Davis.

Website: ofc :wink:

For me its got to be keisha grey. Maybe you guys could tell me what it is about her?

Everything else:

Fantasy partner to;
Marry: India Reynolds. Use to be a nuts model i have no shame to admit im in love.
One nighter: katherine heigl, Dont even ask why, i have no answers.

What I'm excellent at:
Spending money!

What I'm terrible at:
attaching gopros...
Pet hate: People who turn their motorbikes into track weapons with no head lights, sponsors all over them, slick tyres. Then i go past them like theyre stood still. Really gets to me!

Most embarrassing moment:
Im a clumbsy guy as it is. But it has to be being caught by your mum while youve got your ex bent over the end of your bed. o dear.

Proudest moment:
Knee down! Knee fucking down lads.
36496480213_c73fb0d9ba_z.jpgSIR_1713_14.20 Session by james simpson, on Flickr

Person who id love to punch:
Alan shearer. PLEASE

Nominate next member to be interviewed:
Ive got to vote for DS197 to carry it on! seems like hes got some funny storys to tell!

Just like to say on behalf of the staff a huge thanks to James for contributing and going first with season 2 - thoroughly enjoyed the read!

@DS197 you should find some questions in your inbox over the course of the next few days if of course you are happy to go forward with this :smile:


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Enjoyed reading that! But nickelback James? Why?! :weary: I'm 100% with you on the Lamborghini Huracan though, absolutely love them. Appreciate the nomination and i'd be more than happy to go forward, although I can't promise it'll be as interesting as this thread :smile:


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"Im a clumbsy guy as it is. But it has to be being caught by your mum while youve got your ex bent over the end of your bed. o dear."

@jamesgw200 I'm crying here, that's the best thing I've read all week!!!:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

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