Loss of power - which part to replace?


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Hi folks!

I've got a problem with my 197: it quite regularly loses much of its power above 3000-3500 tpm. It feels like the famous 3000 tpm flatspot is stretched all the way to the redline, which is very annoying. The problem disappears after simply restarting the engine. I did some extensive reading on this forum and it turns out the cause could be either a faulty VVT solenoid or camshaft position sensor. I had both out yesterday, checked them for any signs of damage (both OK) and cleaned them. This did not help, the problem came back today. My question is: how can I check if these parts are working correctly?

Of course I could play the parts lottery and just start replacing parts of which I suspect they might be wrong. But I want a bit more certainty... :smirk:

And before I forget: the car throws no codes.


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Do you have CLIP? You can do live diagnostics whilst driving to maybe see what is happening.


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There are two sensors one is on the cams and the other is on the flywheel and the Renault official names are confusing when people talk about them and looking at a sensor is not a real test they are not mechanical you need an error code or start changing parts if you want to go that way if there is no warning lights most likely plugs or coil packs.