Laguna Wheels

Now I've searched this and read a couple of thread but just wanted to make sure, these wheels fit no problems?? Fit over brembos ok? No rubbing? Centre bore same size?

Been searching for second hand set of 197/200 wheels for a while so I can refurb my speedlines. But all coming in to expensive. Found a set quite cheap with tyres aswell.

Any help be great
Not 100% really sure but they do look fit.

I see 225 megane wheels fit on 197, somewhere on here.
yeah I know 225 wheels fit. Only looking at these because they are cheap and have found a set. Will be sold on straight after I'm finished with them
Hi Craig, you will have NO problems fitting Laguna wheels to a 197/200.
They fill the arches and I think they look good, ideal for winter or a spare set. If you want to talk about them just PM me.
the current laguna's have 5x114.3 iirc so that won't fit but the previous one shared the 5x108 with the avantime, espace and megane rs and the clio 197/200 so these should go on with no issues, even the 17" steelies from the espace fit no problemo
How much are these wheels roughly worth! Been offered some so would like to know where am standing on them!
Ah dilema! Iv been offered a set for a 1OO plus a set of steelies his way! U lot rekon that there worth that or not! Was gona refurb them black and have them as winter wheels!! Ps sorry to hijack thread lol


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Depends. As some of the Lagunas use 12mm bolts and some use 14mm like the Clio.
I’ve had 3 sets now, and they’ve all been 14mm

You can drill them out to suit.
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