Key Replacement Parts - Engine Stripdown

Hi, I purchased a 2nd hand 225 engine and gearbox that I will be transplanting into my clio at some point. Before purchasing the engine I heard it running and everything seemed in order, no strange noises or knocks/rattles.

I am stripping the gearbox to perform an inspection and replace any suspect bearings. I have removed the turbo to rebuild as it had some end float and there was signs of water leakage from the core.

I am also considering stripping the engine to perform an inspection, however I'm not sure what benefit this will offer as I wasnt planning on replacing any bearings unless they are considerably worn/damaged. I can get a full engine gasket set for reasonable money but what other component parts would need replacing as part of the inspection - I have assumed
^cylinder head bolts
^main bearing bolts
^connecting rod bolts.

Any views or opinions would be welcomed. I'm not 100% sure I should strip the engine to perform an inspection but then again much easier to do it while it's out the car.