Just test drove 220 trophy


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Hi all,

Been tempted to exchange my 200 (naturally asp) for a 220 trophy so had a test drive at the dealership today.

Really felt the torque of the turbo engine and it’s definitely quicker round a track than the 197/200. Dual clutch box was very impressive as well.

It just doesn’t have the character of the older cars though imo. I gave my car a good hooning after I left and decided I’d be crazy to sell this, pay £11k and have something no where near as fun.

So i’ve decided the money is better spent on the crazy road tax and endless repairs on my 200 to keep it going for another few years


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Felt exactly the same mate,

Knew people who had ph1 & ph2 220 trophy’s and had a sit and ride in them,
Even tempted to buy one but once I drove mine although they aren’t as quick much more involved to drive..


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Cheers Ben!

I moved from a Mk3 to a 220 Trophy. Taken the Trophy on track plenty, the Mk3 is more fun but flappy paddles is not be sniffed at!
The Mk4 has made my driving experience ‘off track’ ten times better though. No more worrying about the ball joints, manifold, road tax, a/c condenser. It’s fun on back roads and the upshift is entertaining. A good ‘in-betweener’
All depends what you’re after, really.
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