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So I'm coming to the end of my meglio build finally! The only real problem I have stopping it from starting is it can't recognise the injection.

Is this likely to be an ecu fault or an earth somewhere?

I havent removed the injection fuse box throughout the build and have kept it covered.

Picture of the clip chart. I can't get into injection to see if there is any other faults as It cannot read anything.


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most likely a canbus fault talking to the injection computer you need the wiring diagram CD you have looms problems look for a pair wires that are twisted normally canbus the twist that cuts interference and there should be 100 Ohms between hi and low they might even be the wrong way round if there has been massive work. Your diagram tells a lot 1337 is the power switching unit there is a relay there to power the injection computer and the canbus runs through it so you will need the VISU wiring CD to help.
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Thanks mate. I'll do some googling as the mega link won't open, I have noticed alot of thier stuff has been coming off thoer website lately.
Tell us exactly what's going on here with the car yea you have converted it Ok, but what is going on is it turning over but not starting what showing on the dash info window and what is the immobilizer light doing when you try to start. I think the injection computer is out of contact if the ignition is not in the right mode you insert the key car or turn the key until all the ignition lights are on because you cant see the UCH or airbag computer and the UCH would control the starting requirements have you stripped the loom turn the car into a track car. The fuse box behind the passenger headlight would be my first stop check all fuses and feel for relays clicking there is info on here about that fuse box the UPC I uploaded it.

Key card in slot, foot on brake hit the button and nothing, no crank no noises nothing. Immobiliser light goes out.

Comes up on dash check injection.

I have checked all fuses and they are fine going to check all relays in a little while.

I can get access to all others computers, and only have an radio aerial error, aircon (I removed) and seatbelt resistor errors, which I can get rid of no problem so I'm not worried about them for now.

Clip just can't recognise the injection computer (fusebox near the battery I know) so I'm looking for a fault between that fuse box and the ecu. There is no sign of water damage I have checked that its bone dry. I'm going to check the earths in the plugs this afternoon.