Identifying TDC part number


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My car wouldn't start, cleaned the TDC, it was dirty as sh**. Car fired right up. I was planning on replacing it anyway because it is a common source and already had two times the car stalled. Measured resistance 300 ohms between poles removed from box. New should be ~250 ohms.

Asked Renault dealer for the part but there as two types, and they do not know which one. Look for the number on the sensor they said. Well I have a number 0579-11B made in Italy (Facet/KW/Magneti Marelli??). I think it is 8200260327 but not sure. Car is 2006 model with original gear box (I think).



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I believe the part number you require is: Renault Part Number 8200513668

Someone correct me if I'm wrong


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Replaced the TDC today, cleaned the connector, fires right up on 10 attempts. No codes, and OBD readings show solid readings.
I also replaced a KN filter for OE filter. Oil impregnated aftermarket filter should never be used with heated wire MAF applications, the oil gets on the wire and can eventually burn in on the wire so it give weird readings.

The engine does feel different, also idle sometimes drops a bit. Is there a way to reset the ECU and have it relearn/reset defaults on cold start / warming up?


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Clio doesn't have a MAF sensor like you describe, just a MAP sensor... I've used an OE filter for years; remove, clean and light oil every year with no issues. As for ECU reset just remove the battery for 15 mins. :thumb:
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