Hyundai Genesis Coupe?

Tempted by one of these as I need something with decent speed. Wanted to bring a 182 to Korea but it's too expensive so this is the next choice.

What do people think of this? It'll be a 2009/10 model with the 2.0 Turbo (210 ps). I'm guessing it's more of a GT than a GT86 type coupe but still has decent handling.

I'll most likely export it to the UK when the time comes so wondering if I can sell it in Europe for a decent price.
A friend had a Hyundai Coupé TSIII. If you have anyone over 5ft that will sit in the back they _will_ hit there head on the rear window.

Also the gearbox went after 11,000 miles and he was made to pay the majority of it!

That said the noise it made was great, handling was OK not a patch on the Clio though. It wasn't the fastest either...

However the majority of those points might be null and void in the Genesis!
if you intend on tweaking it at all you have by far and away picked the best engine by all reports :thumbup1: as for driving experience i have no idea as there are still no plans to bring the genny to the UK, we get the velostar and now the velostar turbo insted, bloody stupid idea :whatever: , on the otherhand one was shown at the belgian motorshow a couple of years ago, being the 3.8 v8 model though it was priced somewhere around 45k euros, ouch, for a car the americans were paying $30k for

adam1942 your mates ts111 was based on a 10 year old car, one which when first released, the manufacturer was best known for making tractors, lol, its not an excuse for the gearbox i know but that wasnt a common fault, the clutch yes, oh and they lied through their hind teeth about the power figures on the early models too, luckily they were sued into honesty so its a 2ltr engine putting out 140 ponies, the problem with the car is it looks fantastic, i may be biased :tongue_smilie: , but because of that everyone seems to think its some kind of sports car, when the reality is its a gt, a grand tourer, a mile munching comfort wagon, and they are good on the long journeys, believe me
The veloster looks nice but lacking the RWD aspect. I want the turbo as I'm not keen on all that weight over the front axle (and its cheaper).

Brand new costs £18000 here, would have been £15k last sep. I've been looking and I can find a 2010 for around £9k which seems decent.

This is based on the genesis eqquis platform I think? It's from hyundai motors premium range.

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