Hybrid Megane trophy

So at the weekend the car inneed of a complete decontamination and some fresh wax.
Really happy with the results,
Colour is very under stated.

Also got round to de wipering the rear, hopefully I'll get some better photos soon.
Car is now no longer my daily so shes tucked away in a very friendly neighbors garage. cbe35c9238671956e2f5c40e5cef7985.jpgf19fcd231e7c3a49b7734a957f4f6624.jpge03c9678477a8d604c04d51c00924976.jpga93db72a33239bf8d1e49b89dee43a8a.jpg8e2a90434540d30718aa66334a0b9bb1.jpg87f242e698249de40ac0cea098de10a0.jpg09b3996474c1957b5ea086e1d67b319a.jpg

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