how to cancel membership?

I've just been charged for a year's membership and don't use the site, I guess I must have signed up for something a year ago. I cant cancel the membership sends me to Paypal to cancel, however my credit card, not my Paypal account was charged so if i login to Paypal the payment doesn't show nad there is nothing to cancel. I've tried multiple times to cancel but cant see any way to cancel.

Can someone help me cancel my membership please?

This is what my paypal email says about the payment

Want to make a change?​
To change or cancel your pre-approval, please contact

and cancel membership button sends me to Paypal so I am unable to cancel. My next stop will be to lodge a complaint with my credit card provider if no one can help me.

Tbf this surprised me a while back when my paid membership got renewed, I think I've paid more than platinum membership now after two golds and a couple of basics... :chair:

@stephenjk if you go to the paypal app, settings, automatic payments and find the one for you can cancel the recurring payment there, it works as I've just done it myself. :thumb:

Hope that helps, @Nik is the forum administrator so I'm guessing he's the money man if you need a refund, although if it's paypal that's prompted the payment I dunno who's liable... I certainly can't recall signing up for an automatic renewal last time I paid but there it was in paypal (along with a few other random payment methods I've just deleted!). :think:
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Hi thanks for replying. Yes it should work that way but it isn't showing there on my account. I think what I did at the time was a guest payment on credit card using PayPal probably to avoid an unintended renewal. Unfortunately, Clio is still charging me and when I go to the payment details from the PayPal email it tells me to contact clio197.