hi newbe here :-0

hi every one i have just joined i have a silver 197 its a really nice motor
i have just bought it and only owned it a week its a big difference from my mk2 1.6 focus i will get some pics up when i can find the lead for the camera
cheers all 8) my car has the dreaded dead stereo when it gets cold its done it the 1st time today (unplugged it then plugged it back in) so will wait and see if it does it again then back to the dealers,im not too bothered i will buy a after market one eventually its just annoying


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Welcome!!! :smile:

Dead stereo is a new one on me, not heard of any others doing that!?!
I did a search on google and it came up a few times
It is mainly happening on 56 plates theres somthing
In the stereo that carnt take cold weather and it shuts down
It then need's to be unplugged and plugged
Back in and it will work again


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Seems a bit strange why an electrical unit would stop when it gets cold?
Sure it isnt condesation/moisture from when you have the heater on and then dripping onto a connector of some sort?
no fella i will get some links, i dont want to make it into a big debate with anyone or upset anybody was just saying what ive read, anyway to change the subject to something better what shows do clio197/200 go too are you going to trax
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