Hello from Croatia...

Hi, first PASSWORD to http://photobucket.com/maminja is clio197net

My name is Mario and I come from Croatia. Live in Split, you probably heared for that place. I'm 31 year old chief engineer on the LNG vessel.

I own a 11/2008 Glacier White No.2476 R27. It has around 10 000km now...
It is first fully KTR equipped R27 in Croatia...:wink:

Standard equipment is:

Automatic A/C, Wireless key card, Folding mirrors, CUP suspension...everything except Liquid yellow and Cabbase CD Player.

Now modifications which I have done on it:

Audio connection box for iPod and USB..
Original Bluetooth phone connection
SMD LED parking lights and licence plate lights
Full LED interior
RS original mats
Eibach Pro Kit springs - REMOWED (they are not for CUP suspension)
KW V3 coilovers
SCC 20mm spacers
K&N panel filter - NOT IN USE NOW
ITG panel filter - NOT IN USE NOW
KTR Pro exhaust with KTR pro 100 cell sportcat
Remapped by RS Tuning (Paul and KTR co.)
Catcams 5504402
Clio R3/V6 airbox
KTR braided brake lines
Mintex racing braking fluid 5.1
TCE roof Spoiler (same as Jase)
BLACK CUP wheels with original black wheel covers (they are from Megane F1)

That should be it for now, I think I forgotten something but I will remember it later :smile:

Pics will be posted later, I can't find it now...:rolleyes:

CYA mates...
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Hi Mario welcome to the site. Your car looks great, I love the R27 in white
Amazing :smile: Love the car! Why do you say the eibach pro springs arent for cup suspension?
Shock absorbers are much stiffer (cca 25%) on CUP suspension and they are little bit more shorter than normal ones. Remember that on normal suspension CS, during hard braking at bigger speeds, was turning rear end or it was little bit unstable - CUP solve that and springs were stiffer but in the other case softer than eibach.

With Eibach absorber was kicking at the bottom end...it is impossible to drive it on wave road or some bumpy road (speed on normal was 100 km/h and on Eibach I coudn't stand it more than 40 km/H).

Eibach is for NORMAL SUSPENSION and then it is OK (not for racing because it is still bumpy and it kicks you out of Recaro seat).

Buy H&R coil-overs or KW V3 instead CUP shock absorbers and that is the best.

Remember CUP's have more stiffer chasis (anti roll kits i.e. strut bars are stiffer cca 30%) = that is one more reason why not springs!!!

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