H&R springs vs Eibach


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I've recently removed my H&R springs as they were too low. Combined with spacers and harsh cornering the tyres wore through the front inner wheel arches with the H&R's.
I've switched to Eibach, as they only lower the front by 15mm.
Looking at the two sets side by side, the Eibach's look better quality too.



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Be interesting to see how you get on with them I’m thinking about refreshing my cup dampers and wondering if I should go for eibach springs at the same time


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I ran Eibachs on Cup dampers when I was using my car daily, it was a decent ride, much nicer than the H&Rs that I took off. For a road car, Eibach/Cups are a good shout for sure, possibly a little soft for track work however.