Gran Turismo 6 WTCC

Discussion in 'Gaming & Consoles' started by FaithlessEmo, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. FaithlessEmo


    Sutton coldfield
    Renault Clio 200
    Hey all.
    Basically when Gran Turismo 5 was out I ran a successful online championship every Sunday. Now Gran Turismo 6 is out and it has a few RenaultSport cars in it I was thinking of resurrecting the championship. I have been testing a few ideas and was going to tweak things so that we will have a varied grid with many different cars. In general it will be capped to 300bhp and 1200kgs minimum weight with Racing Medium tyres. There will be a drop two races idea too so it won't matter if you miss two races you can still win overall.
    So if anyone is interested please post on here and when I have more details I will post on here. Last time it was great fun and if anyone wants some fun or a challenge then speak up.

  2. aaron-rs197


    MK5 Golf GTI DSG
    i don't normally play online but this sounds kinda fun. I'm game...

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