Going French for a third time....!

Hello! I thought it be better to reintroduce myself on here! Been a member since 2009 but not posted since 2010 :tongueout:

Heres my original thread...


And i originally had a Albi Blue 200 with all the extras...


Sadly... life dictated a few things and with huge regret i had to part chop the Clio for a Megane GT diesel due to the need to travel many extra miles. Miss the Clio and looking back at the 'project' thread has done no favours!

The Megane has been a trusty and reliable machine, and reasonably cheap to run, but i have just not bonded with it at all, and i just don't like diesels...!

I was working in the area so did this homage for the lulz....


As said, the Megane has not been lighting my fire in anyway, but i had been reluctant to get rid due to it being a solid daily and never letting me down (including a 1,500mile trip across the continent)

I played with the idea of swapping it for an RS 265 for a while, but my local and Renault dealership had ceased to exist other than as a service centre, i never got the urge to go after that, as i couldn't be bothered with going out my way.

Also when the urge did kick in i would look into the costs and always had the sinking feeling that it wasn't a great idea.

Fast forward a bit... and my other half ran off with someone else... unbeknown to her i had planned a rather nice holiday out on the east coast of the US, spending time in Florida, Miami and a road trip up to the space centre.

In the dumps and severely pissed off i cashed all that in and bought this... :smiley:

But still... the Megane failed to be anything more than a tool for getting from A to B. But then!

I get a phone call from the Bristol Street Motors to say they have renewed their Renault franchise and as a previous customer, would i like to pop along for a 'red carpet' day and do some test drives?

Sure i do!

I went there hoping some RS models would be around, especially the Megane to possibly put my heart in the right place. But alas, it was all the usual pensioner specials and whatever crossover dross Renault have added to their lineup, although i did get a go in a Zoe... which is weird!

Thankfully they have a partner dealership that is an RS specialist, and i mentioned i would be interested in having a go in the Megane, they also offered me a chance to go in the Clio... at first i was apprehensive as I've seen the Top Gear episode and read some of the guff that criticised the car, but what the hell... free test drive!

So i get a phone call last week saying they have a Clio available for a test drive, why not, lets see what its really like. I honestly turned up not expecting to like it, and pretty much looked to cementing my opinion with a quick blast round...

3 hours later... with the sales rep who was bored of test drives diesel Kapturs and Kadjars, and a top bloke from RenaultSport, we had blasted round pretty much all of Nottinghamshire! I absolutely fell for the car!

Yes it is a substantially different thing from its older brother, which was a seriously talented point to point machine, the Clio4 is a little piece of refined luxury with some serious fun available at the press of a button! Have a plod round in 'commuting' style traffic, it returned 43mpg... which is excellent as it will need to do the daily grind to work and back. Flip it into Race mode and things get really fun and silly! I could rattle on much longer, but said to them i need to go back and do some sums...

So far, they offered me a great price, a good trade in, its cheaper to tax.... i need to go and do some insurance quotes... weirdly i hoped they would come out really silly and put me off the whole thing... its cheaper than the Megane... i could not justify any reason to not get one...

So i went back last night and ordered a Black Trophy with a few extras and ill be back in a hot Clio by December! :headphone:

Heres the demo car, will pretty much be a carbon copy...

Ive dotted round the forum and read a few old posts, but i don't quite know if i remember anyone! But feels good to be coming back :smile:



hell of a read..glad you are getting rid of your diesel...
so a Trophy it is..seen one up to now..hope you enjoy your new toy..
it will be a nice xmas present..
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Good cop
Welcome back! Nice little read that and good to see that you have been faithful to RS :smiley:

The Trophy looks great in black and it's good to hear another positive review of the Clio 4! Bet you can't wait till December!

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Always been unsure about the mk4 but coming around to the idea as Renault develop it. Enjoy the car mate.