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Some of you may know me as a moderator on, I am the mod who doesnt really do much.

As I have just bought an R27 I thought I would come on here, and register it on the R27 Register thread.

Other Renaults I have owned include

x1 Phase 1 R5 GT Turbo
x8 Phase 2 R5 GT Turbos
X1 R5 GT Turbo Raider (Which I still have)
Clio RSI
Clio Williams
19 16v
Clio 172 Full Fat
Clio 182 Trophy #172
Megane 225 Lux with Cup Packs

and I have just bought a Nimbus Clio R27 #101

and if I ever get back from the garage fixed and sorted I am sure I will see you all soon! :smiley:
Welcome Forbes

you have sure had your share of renaults lol how you finding the 197 compaired to the rest
love the 5's by the way :lol:
Its an interesting mix.

I am finding it hard to compare it to the Megane, because they are just soo different. The Megane was much quicker in a straight line (and I quite like Turbo Charged cars) but it was a lux with cup packs so it was heavy and dare I say it slightly unresponsive through the corners, get on the power early with excitement and get a load of understear compared to the R26 and R26.R

Loved every second of the Trophy, and find that you can push the R27 just as hard as the Trophy, but with a better chance of sorting it all out when you get it out of shape. It somehow seems more manageable than the Trophy.

What the R27 does win hands down on is...... sound!!

I think it sounds amazing, and on track it sounds just like a quieter cup racer!! :smiley:

5's are just a league of their own. Classics, and once you have had one, and sold one, you are straight on the look out for another.....the bug for them bites hard.
Daz - can you post some pictures of your car?

I was going to drop you a line on FB asking the same thing...

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