Expensive forged Nimbus Turbo !

ill look into the track day on the 4th of november

itll be a nightmare im sure but i think ill use this opertunnity to sort a few of the little marks on the rest of the car maybe even a full respray in a colour thats more me bright yellow or r26r grey

isnt yours for sale pav ?
heres the damage pictures you there worse in the metal no news from the other persons insurance company i cant afford my £650 excess or to get it repaired this year so ill just have to see what happens im almost certain tho ill be changing the colour to something a bit more me most likely r26.r grey but i really like yellow those who have met me will know i only wear yellow everything i own is yellow so that could happen too





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£650 excess....gulp :-(

If you fancy a colour change - better to chuck that money into the pot: agreed.

Good luck whatever shade of yellow you choose :smile:
attended pod at the weekend only managed to squeeze in two runs as the wheather wasnt ideal but i finally managed to sneak under the 14 second barrier ive been stuck at i managed a 13.8 and it was by no means a good run alot to be improved especially the tyres sending my new meg wheels off for paint tonight and ill be fitting ado8rs to them when theyre back ready for some more quarter mile and track days hopefully i can get a bit more power to the floor than i have been
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the car will run a low 13 for sure i just need a dry day to get plenty of runs done ive only done 5 runs this year due to the wheather

havent you had yours down the quarter mile yet ?
finally got myself some 18s fitted to the 297 only took me five years i got them off the misses 225 i broke for £100 witch i thought was a good price till i had to get one straightened for £40 i sent them off for powder coating in gloss black for £180 im really happy with the results theyre so shiney

i think they 18s look the absolute tits on a clio filling the arches alot better the 17s are a little lost in the rear arch of a clio plus im hoping the extra width of the tyre and the slightly bigger wheel will gear it up slightly and slow it down so i can go faster if that makes sense also im fully aware that im not much of a photographer :worried:



after my last track day at bedford it was quite clear that the p zero neros wernt up to the job of putting 330 lbft of tourqe to the floor so i treated the car to some ado8rs at £117 each they were a steal as im pretty sure they retail at over £200 each and a new helmet too as using my old motorcross helmet on javlin track days isnt allowed anymore lol




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happy days..will be a cracking day and bet lots of us would love to see your machine in action..
would be nice to have a go on track with some machinery that can keep up

that said there was a very track orentated n/a blue 197 there last time stripped decent tyre suspension brakes diff etc could stay with me smoking the tyres all round the track had a good battle with him power versus lightweight/handling i expect hes on here somwhere