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Hey, Iv had my 200 about a month now, I'm just after some ideas on getting a bit more noise, I don't want it silly loud or anything,

Would cat back be the route I'm after? I'm not after any more power, and I wanna go straight through m.o.t's.

Im a bit confused with the cats too? Do I only need the on

If you take the cats out it won't pass it's mot you'll have to get a doggy one. But if you take a cat out and the silencer it is louder I just have one cat out ATM and it does make a difference.
But the miltek back box backs are meant to be good but not to loud not as loud as the scorpion
There is only one cat. You can remove the pre-cat or the center silencer. You will more than likely need a remap after removing the pre-cat though.


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There are 2 cats, one on the down pipe that comes off the manifold and one that's under the car just before the centre silencer.

You can replace the first pre cat with a Y pipe or just get the Toyosports manifold. You would need a remap for this but not many people opt for this mod.

Most people either decat the main cat or remove the center silencer for some really good noise with plenty of pops and bangs.

As mentioned unless you know a friendly mot tester removing any cat will be an Mot fail.
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both are cats as said they are just split in to 2 and convert different exhaust pollutants....technically it will fail the mot IF both aren't fitted AND the tester actually notices!

you can/will get the engine warning light on at times - just depends how healthy the engine is and what sort of driving gets done...

have a look at the exhaust thread its possible every permutation in it
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Thanks for the help lads.

Fernandez - when you say remove the main cat and silencer, is that on the standard system or am I being retarded?
I've just removed the silencer after the Cat I'd say get that one removed and take it from there, on tick over it sounds standard but once up in the revs it's a big difference. To be honest I wasn't expecting a lot but I'm over the moon with the noise.

if your on the Clio197.net FB page I've just posted up a video of mine.
The pre-cat reduces emissions at low temperatures and the main cat reduces emissions at higher temperatures. So not much point as the engine gets to normal operating temperature quite quick. I am tempted to tear out the contents of the pre-cat. The contents is very brittle so in time can break down, when this occurs particles can enter the engine, over time causing engine failure. The pre-cat also creates a lot of heat.
I can't think of one good reason to keep it.

Can anyone else shed any light ?


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Not retarded at all, I removed mine from a Milltek but plenty of the lads on here have done the same with the std system. More info here including some vids.

Would a cat-back system need a remap? For example the scorpion one, none resonated?

I had a browse through the what exhaust thread but theres mixed opinions. Thanks

Sorry to jump into your thread with my own question btw, but I'm in a similar predicament with noise, needing more that is :tongueout:

Gonna get the center silencer removed ASAP and go from there. I'll get a flat spot low down but it won't put any lights on the dash will it? That'll be the decat that will do that if I do it won't it?

Mines mapped and had the center silencer removed. I don't know if it was removed pre or post remap as it was done before I got the car.. But there's is a rather large and noticeable flat spot in the lower revs if trying to accelerate.
Removing the silencer will not put an warning lights on as it is after the second lambda sensor. If you remove the cat, I highly recommend getting a lambda spacer so no warning lights come on. There's no real noticeable flat spot if you remove just the cat OR the silencer but if you remove both you'll either have to put up with it or get mapped. Speaking from experience here with my car, Results may vary :wink:
Fitted my akrapovic decat system and didn't notice a flat spot whatsoever. Urban myth I reckon...... Loads of people say you get one but many say you don't, I haven't had one at all.
i removed my center silencer and got a noticeable flatspot at 2500rpm, but been advised will still pass mot and no engine lights come on. would like a remap to try and remove the flatspot but think i just missed the remap group buy.
Fitted my akrapovic decat system and didn't notice a flat spot whatsoever. Urban myth I reckon...... Loads of people say you get one but many say you don't, I haven't had one at all.
You don't get a flat spot with the Akro, you pay for what you get ;P If its and urban myth you can have a shot in my car.