Diesel for short journeys?!?


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Currently using my RS200 to run to and from train station every day, and although it's a fun 1.2 miles each way, the large doors and recaro seats combination makes it a pain to get in and out in tight parking spaces - I'm becoming quite the contortionist.

My other car is a 3.0 diesel, and far more comfortable, so mulling over using it for the station run. I'm aware that short journeys kill DPF's, but wondering if a couple of hours on the motorway every two weeks would be enough to keep it healthy?

If anyone has any expertise or experience to share I'd appreciate the input before I do myself a serious injury!


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You’re right that the dpf might get blocked but I think it’s more low load driving that blocks them. A motorway journey should let it re-gen, if it doesn’t and you end up getting a warning light it the car runs bad keep it in a lower gear the next time your on the motorway and it should re-gen, 4th gear for 20 minutes or so.
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