Desperate attempt to reclaim youth


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Hey guys.

I've been hanging about the forum since the end of last year, about time I made a post and said hi.
Picked myself up a tidy looking late model 200 FF Cup pack as a second car, with the idea to maybe get it on track a few times.
Not happened yet but I'm close enough to Donington Park that it will have to happen eventually. For now I'm happy just to drive a car with character and a connection to the road. I've had a little fettle to make it my own, so here she is.

Clio 200 Bola B10 17 inch 1a.jpg

Clio 200 Bola B10 17 inch 3.jpg

Car came already fitted with a KTR induction kit, exhaust manifold and cat-back system.

Remedial work:
Started with a replacement alternator and quickly escalated to full belts, dephaser pulley, harmonic doodad and water pump. All done by the wonderful Mick @ Diamond Motors who went over and above to provide a first-class service and fix the horrible jobs the last garages did before I owned it.
Missing steering bush in the hub, siliconed on leaking chinese water pump and timing out causing the EM to have disabled the dephaser. All fixed and in Mick's words, now goes like a stabbed rat!

Upgrade work:
The original wheels have AD08R tyres which, after a hair-raising journey in heavy rain, I decided to set aside for the aforementioned track days.
Instead of pulling the tyres, decided to get some new wheels too. 17" Bolas with PS4s much more suited to the road.
Sent the ropey steering wheel and gear knob off to Royal for a retrim along with the gaiter. In the meantime I got hold of some Racing Blue paint and updated the insert. Very pleased with both the wheel and my amateur handiwork.

Clio wheel square.jpg

Next up I think my old ears are asking for a larger centre silencer to replace the skinny resonated section, then a remap to tie everything together.

If you've made it this far, thank you and well done...


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Lovely looker there:thumb:

Welcome aboard. Nice intro. Keep the posts coming...


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Welcome aboard :french:

Looking good, keep up the updates and hopefully you’ll get on track with it


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Welcome. Glacier white is the best colour, apart from liquid yellow of course.

Tidy looking car you have there.

What is next of your list of "upgrades?"


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Thanks for the welcome guys. I see you all are happy to shirk it during work hours too :thumb:

@burrellbloke next is to bring the noise down a bit. I have early starts and have to tiptoe out of the estate when I'm in the whip. Love the sound but not the volume.
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Nice bit of kit. Have to say I’m not normally a fan of that sort of wheel but it really works white on white! Top job with the steering wheel too, really nice finish.