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Hi, can anyone recommend a courier company that will pick up a set of wheels with tyres and deliver them to me?
Iv never done this before and was thinking of doing this as I have not got the time to travel and pick up the wheels in question at the minute.



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Thanks for the reply guys.
Will they take loose wheels? They're not boxed up or anything.
I’m sure they will.. however I’d expect they’d take no liability for damage in transit. Try get the personal sending them to atleast try and cardboard over the face of the alloy
Iv just been on the website and it says that alloy wheels must be indvidualy bubble wrapped and then put into a cardboard box.

I'll message the guy and see if he would be able to at least box them.

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I sent wheels by Paisley Freight with tyres on I taped cardboard discs to the faces, bubble wrapped them & then used pallet wrap around the lot with duct tape holding it together. Without tyres they need to be bubble wrapped then boxed.
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