Cold 'Low Power' Map? RS200


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Have read a few things about the engine running on a 'low power' map before the engine gets up to temperature?

If so, when does it kick into normal mode (e.g. 75 degrees or more)?

Would be good to know, just out of curiosity...

Cheers :smile:
What I have noticed is that there's a change in the throttle pedal map when running cold. I start the car and start driving, I usually drive slowly and at constant speed in my area, and after some seconds or minutes (depending on temperature), for a given throttle angle the car will suddenly accelerate. It feels as if you pressed more throttle, but pedal position is actually unchanged.
it happens way below 75deg. Best way to check when this shift happens is using an obd reader or CLIP and monitor water temp


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Put this in the wrong post

There seems to be a cold start map that runs for about the first 30Sec because if I start the car and drive off right away the throttle thing happens at the same spot on the road on steady throttle just into 3rd gear within a few meters the car can feel like it is going to die like running out of fuel and if the throttle pedal is pressed it will not pick up but if you back off the throttle and reapply slowly the car accelerates again. So it runs an open loop for a set time then switches to closed loop where it takes info from the cars sensors and the change over is what you experience. Saying all that the hole thing does not happen every time but if you start the car and run a stop watch while sitting still you will notice a slight change in rpm at around 30 sec as long as you don't move the steering wheel or use the cars heater brake pedals during that time as they all affect the cars rpm as they are used.