Clutch Slip in 1st Gear?

Discussion in 'Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust and Air Intake' started by 19Zen, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. 19Zen


    Hey guys,

    I haven't driven the car hard in 1st/2nd gear much until recently and have found that they don't give a lot of power for the revs compared to 3rd/4th. If I'm driving from standstill and keep the revs up it can pull away quite well, although in the mid to high range in the revs 1st/2nd don't pull anywhere near as well as 3rd/4th. To drive the car at its fastest, I feel I have to change to 3rd gear quite quickly and only then take it to the rev limit.

    I'm wondering whether this may be more of an attribute of the car rather than the clutch being worn. There's sometimes a hesitation when pulling away which I think may be the infamous '2500 rpm flatspot' rather than related to the clutch and the biting point is still in the middle of the pedal travel.

    Has anyone else experienced something similar?
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