Clio X85 Cup Racer LCD Dash repair


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Hi all

I’ve got an x85 cup racer and some lines of pixels have gone in the LCD dash display. It’s a
Magneti Marelli part.

Anyone have any ideas of where we might be able to get another one / get the one we have repaired?

I just had the display in the center of my standard unit repaired as it wasn't available as single part nor was the complete new unit. They did a good job and the cost for just the repair was at about 150,- € or so.

I assume such a company is also able to fix a little more sophisticated displays like you have but I can't help you here for obvious reasons.

Sidenote: You should buy the one for 1k. Seems that even if you don't need it you can always sell it for twice of that. X85 parts and especially Cup ones seem to be the next future goldmine. :smile:


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I tried both of these guys. Whilst both very helpful and responsive, it wasn’t something they can help with.

I’ll give BBA Reman a go next week to see if they can help as they fixed my dash control unit in the last Clio