Clio 200 - track car?

Sorry if this is has been answered before but hoping I could get some unbiased as possible opinions....
Currently got a not far from stock mk5 golf gti which I've had at thruxton and llandow circuit over the last couple months. I'm loosing patience with my build list to turn this into a suitable track car. Stock brakes are rubbish, so is suspension, everything is pricey to fix/replace and usually way over complicated when spannering yourself. However it is a solid reliable motor that I have a lot of confidence in.

Little research makes me think the clio 200 or 197 might be a better option... 4 pot brembo's, lighter, more track focused out of the box, no silly Nanny electronic systems that you cannot turn off interfering all the time. And assuming cheaper parts?

What are the owners opinions? Would you agree or pick something else given another chance for a road legal track car? Reliability issues to be aware of? Expetency of engine mileage before being toast? E.g I've roughly heard of gearbox issues in the past....



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Engines are pretty much bulletproof

common issues are gearbox synchros prone to fail, ball joints often need doing and timing belt wants to have been done once atleast twice now with the older ones..
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Yep there’s a reason you see so many on track days. Capable straight out of the box and only get better with a few choice mods. Good aftermarket support, lots of specialists and readily available parts mean it’s a good choice.

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Having had a 197 and a 200 meglio many years ago, i then had a mk5 golf track car, that was a very capeable car...but it was an expensive habit that was in the verge of going wrong all the time!

I sold that and am now back in a 197, as i know it will lap all day long without the big costly problems that would happen with the golf!