Clio 197 No Voltage to Crankshaft sensor Wiring Diagram

Discussion in 'Clio 197 Area' started by Rafael, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. Rafael


    Renault clio 197
    Hi guys.

    I have a clio 197 2006 that it has no voltage to ignition coils, no voltage to fuel pump, and no voltage to cranckshaft sensor. I have check and tested every fuse and relay and nothing.

    I have changed both crankshaft and camshaft sensor just to be sure and nothing.

    The car cranks over but does not start.

    I have checked the wire from the crankshaft all the way up to the ecu and there is no breaks on the wires. But i would need a wiring diagram if someone has so i could keep looking for any faults

  2. Lawton438

    Lawton438 Paid Member

    Any luck I’m finding the fault, a friend of mine suffered a similar issue yesterday on track, car just died and wouldn’t re start.

    Turns over fine just wouldn’t fire.
  3. Foxspeed

    Foxspeed "the new red baron" Moderator

    sat behind a laptop over-moderating...
    megane trophy 300edc
    if the crank sensor only has 2 wires it will be hall effect and therefore no voltage to it..the flywheel moving past the sensor produces the voltage...

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