Clio 197 Cup - Track Attack Build


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Another visit to Alex’s today.

Oil change, changed the alignment a bit and had it corner weighted and balanced etc.

Car feels spot on now, much more direct than what it felt like on the way up!
The rear needs shimming to bring the toe in, cambers ok where it is at the moment, one side is a bit lighter but I can work with that

Weights 1178 with half a tank of fuel and no driver, so not too bad in my eyes


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Went to Bedford on Monday, had a very successful day! Cars set up perfectly, just need to change my pads to something more trust worthy than the ds3000’s and then some stiffer springs for the yellow speeds.
Very happy with the car, excited to get some more done this year!

Met up with a few people there, managed to recreate the French flag, albeit upside down!08DF4DE3-076A-414A-ACCC-8D010D8EE36C.jpeg

Even got a follow cam around for a lap!

Got some more to upload later on :smile:


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Nothing car related to report on yet until snetterton in April.

Won a company wide competition at work last year and we’ve finally had the menu change over today. 35 sites all get to cook my dish which is pretty rad. Thought I’d share it here as I’m pretty proud of it!
For you who know food, or not, it’s a French classic with my own take, basically clams and pasta with garlic haha AC9204F6-13EE-4963-848E-F6DC85EDCC66.jpeg97059F3B-2C5B-4E17-95BE-F5A348C06B75.jpeg