c02 sensors is it a diy job for a pleb like me?

hi all, I have purchased the two relevant sensors for my 08 197 cup, both genuine items.

my 1st choice mechanic has retired to another part of the British isles now, but he said it was a pig to do unless on a ramp?

seeing as I'm off work currently my thoughts turned to having a look myself?

I understand I would need to clear the fault too but I havent got an obd reader , would I be just better off taking it somewhere to be done do you think?

many thanks, stew


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They’re simple enough to do if you can get access underneath and have some decent tools.
Some heat is required occasionally to break them free.

Could try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins to see if it clears the code.
Brill, many thanks mate for the reply :thumb:

I'll have a look under it and see how it pans out hopefully later this week.

cheers stew


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If your carful you can lift the car on one side drive the front wheel up onto a steel wheel and use the jack to lift the back with one side up I would recommend the passenger side as the second lambda is under the passenger seat make sure your sensors have the right plugs there is an oval and square type my 197 is the square type.
Link to engine light thread
thank you very much mate, I've actually got some of those steel ramps here that someone gave me years ago and an old spare wheel too.

good shout on the plugs, suppose theres no real way of knowing what's on my car till I get underneath!

many thanks


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You get lambda sensor sockets with a slot in them for the cable, makes this job much easier. :smile: