Brake fluid change, drain order?

is there a specific order to let the clios calipers drain when carrying out a brake fluid change?
I usually go osr, nsr, osf, nsf.

I bleed my brakes in this order but they are now alot worse, as in very low biting point on pedal. may have an air lock somewhere.
hoping there isn't a master cylinder problem.......


"the new red baron"
you normally bleed furthest away from master cylinder so for a rhd clio it will be - n/s/r - o/s/r - n/s/f - o/s/f

thats the order i have used anyway

as for a soft pedal - did you keep the pedal down until the nipple was tightend?

if you have air in the system the pedal will pump up harder after a couple of presses...
I actually used a pressure bleeding machine. Never had any issues with it before, no signs of leaks etc on nipples and resivour is full.

Pedal has no bite, really strange. Going to change front pads and discs tomorrow so might give it another go.
Replaced pads, discs, new retaining pins etc this evening.

Gave the car it's 2nd fluid change in a week and the brakes are 100% perfect now! Braided lines soon so another fluid change coming up haha