Both sidelights stopped working


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Both of my sidelights have stopped working. Both LED. I've checked fuses, they're fine. Plate lights and rear lights still work so I don't think it can be the fuse anyway (plus I think both sidelights run of separate fuses anyway), dash backlight dims so stalk is fine ...

Any recommendations on what to check next, please? Bought some more bulbs, but I'd be surprised if both LED modules bust at the same time.

Seen a few posts on here with similar issues, with the problem being the bulbs going pop potentially going over a speedbump too hard, but that's with a standard filament bulb.



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Put a standard blub in the holder then you will know if the LED bulbs are faulty I think the blub is the same as the door card bulb LED lights can still not work even if power is present. Does your car have working cornering lights or xenon's as there is a lighting computer that controls the lights in the passenger wheel arch.