Bloody Mac Sierra!.


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I had both the Mac mini, and MacBook Pro,brick themselves, due to software update, so took them to Inverness for repair, 108 miles there,108miles back. Returned two days later to collect, same again. SO, 432 miles for Apple repairs!.While its wonderful living in the wilds of Scotland, it does have its drawbacks!.


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Moved this thread.

I've personally not had an issue with sierra, what went wrong exactly?


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Same, and I run both on my home iMac and work MacBook Pro - can't believe how easy they are to maintain. Was actually trying to fix the wifi on my better half's Dell XPS last night and it took me 90 minutes!! Bloody Windows!


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It was an Apple update, it locked the screens, and mouse and keyboard would not function. Alls well now though.( Until the next time!.)

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