Bit of freshening up done

Hi Guys,

Since the wife was sent off to do the home office I could leave the clio at the garage to get some work done.

First on the list was the manifold and the steering rack, got the new OEM SR, one ordered according to the vin, but honestly feels quicker :smile: dont know, maybe they only do the 200 one now.... anyway its great to have a knock free steering again :smile:

next was the bumper and front right fender respray together with the RS Splitter in black matt.

Since the car was stationary I could also get the steering wheel retrimmed, one of the recaro bolsters fixed and have ordered the RS gearknob, as when trying to give the original gearknob a good clean turned out the leather has been worn through next to the alloy insert.

Did a bit of sound deadening the door cards with a 6mm foam, didnt take any pictures though, also did the rear side panels as I could hear some weird buzzing at louder music, succesful as that's gone now, and in general the sound feels a bit deeper now.

The doorhandles were in poor state so had them resprayed in gloss black together with the wing mirror covers

And found a GT spoiler I thought about getting since the 200's received them, like the way it rounds up the rear.

Oh and had one of the alloys repainted as had it curbed last autumn.

Now the cambelt gets done today and then I guess it's ready for the season :smile:gtspoiler.jpeggtspoileron.jpeginwshp.jpegout1.jpegout2.jpegout3.jpegout4.jpegout5.jpegout6.jpegout7.jpegout8.jpegout9.jpegout10.jpegr5turbo.jpegrsgearknob.jpegrsgearknob1.jpegsteeringwheeloff.jpegsw_on.jpegswon1.jpegwheelrefurb.jpeg
Its pretty easy, just cut off the parts in the way, as in the italian forum link I have actually found here, once you cut the bits off the black piece you should be able to put it in nicely as it has a bit of a shape that goes exactly into the original brake light recess, that more or less does it in terms of fitting, there's about 2-3 mm sideways adjustment possible, so I did just check if it lies straight and has the same black piece to bootlid edge space, the washer jet I left as it was, funny as it looks to be put the wrong way but it actually works fine, just need to extend the tube by a few centimeters, also the connector is different but got it together with the spoiler, the brake light is actually a clio mk2 unit so bought a brand new one for around 20 pounds as the one that arrived with the spoiler had a crack in it, its also full led so a little extra upgrade as well :smile: I am still to take it off once again and glue it in with doublesided 3M tape, as when I did it at first guess I was too hasty and have washed the car too soon, water got next to it, and one side kept getting off.
I drilled holes for 4 bolts, didnt have the nutserts, taped the original brake light hole, had a chance to drive in quite a strong rain but no water got into the boot, no issues with bootlock switch so I guess that was enough
@lainMac : I dont really know what the colour is, a powdercoating friend chose it for me tbh :smile: will ask next time I am at his place

@wrx-sati : The 5 turbo, almost finished, but still has bits to work on, its a customer's car, will put pics up when its finally all done and ready to go.

ANyway the same sort of a compression release knock has reappeared so it was not the rack, although it did disappear for a while after having it replaced, or was that placebo :smile: , did both lower balljoints, still there, might target the wishbones as they have never been replaced...